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                      Big Data Privacy: from Networking and Artificial Intelligence Perspectives

                      日期:2019-06-21                   來源:                   作者:               關注:

                      報告題目:Big Data Privacy: from Networking and Artificial Intelligence Perspectives


                      報告時間:2019627日 上午930-11:30



                      Big data is revolution for our society. However, it also introduces a significant threat to our privacy. In this talk, we firstly present the essential issues of privacy preserving in the big data setting, then we review the current work of the field from two perspectives: networking and artificial intelligence. Then we discuss the challenges in the domain and possible promising directions. We humbly hope this talk will shed light for forthcoming researchers to explore the uncharted part of this promising land.


                      Shui Yu is a Professor of School of Software, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Dr Yu’s research interest includes Security and Privacy, Networking, Big Data, and Mathematical Modelling. He has published two monographs and edited two books, more than 200 technical papers, including top journals and top conferences, such as IEEE TPDS, TC, TIFS, TMC, TKDE, TETC, ToN, and INFOCOM. Dr Yu initiated the research field of networking for big data in 2013. His h-index is 35. Dr Yu actively serves his research communities in various roles. He is currently serving a number of prestigious editorial boards, including IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (Area Editor), IEEE Communications Magazine (Series Editor). He has served many international conferences as a member of organizing committee, such as publication chair for IEEE Globecom 2015, IEEE INFOCOM 2016 and 2017, and general chair for ACSW 2017. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of AAAS and ACM, and a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Communication Society.